Last night I finished “Kimberley”. She is a Radiographer who works for the NHS in Stafford. The first to respond to my green post offering a free portrait for NHS heroes. We had both decided that she should be painted without her PPE- her hair is up whilst at work and she much prefers to wear it down.

Now being a bit thick with Instagram I’m not sure how I post it on the special Instagram page dedicated to the portraits for NHS Heroes. Do I send the picture to Tom Croft, or do it myself? I email Tom. He emails back clear instruction which I follow and I do it, but twice. Oh well

Kimberley is done and now I must return to Sally. After all,  apart from being a dear friend she is not just  an NHS hero. She is also my personal hero and played such a crucial part when I was hospitalised five years ago. Her painting (now my third attempt) is proving tricky and I don’t understand why. She is not the first study I have done which includes a figure and a dog. In an effort to boost my painting skills I move my studio outside.

The conservatory seemed ideal to begin with, providing a much bigger space  compared to my flat in London, but despite the wonderful light it’s now too hot. R has ordered an air conditioning unit but until that’s up and running my painting will continue outside.


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