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Selina Jane

An introduction to the world of Selina Jane, a self taught, fine artist specialising in portraits using oils on canvas.


At last I can return to Sally’s painting. I’ve decided to work from a new photograph taken at hers in those heady days when freedom as we knew it, nay...
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After much deliberation, naval gazing and mobile communication it is mutually decided that I will go to London to drop off the painting to my client. He doesn’t live too...
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‘Mother Nature’ says: YOU’RE GROUNDED!

Here we are midst Coronavirus and we’ve all been ordered to stay home. For the first time since this dreadful virus reared its ugly head I feel a sense of calm....
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Today I read that Italy is in lockdown because of the CoronaVirus. The images coming back look horrendous. It’s the unknown that is so scary. We already have a handful...
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As a thank you to the man who introduced R and I, I offer to do a portrait of the man himself, Tim W. I ask for photos and he...
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I have now given up on ‘Sally’. The painting is lost. I simply can’t explain why I have been unable to salvage it so I start a new one. My...
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