‘Mother Nature’ says: YOU’RE GROUNDED!

Here we are midst Coronavirus and we’ve all been ordered to stay home. For the first time since this dreadful virus reared its ugly head I feel a sense of calm. Boris Johnson has told us not to go out. Now we have clarity, some dithering elements of our lives have been swiftly removed. Of course there’s loads more to learn, adaptions to be made in our lives, habits to be changed and adhered to.

As a painter washing, indeed scrubbing, my hands several times a day is nothing new, but as I work on ‘Amina’ my first thought is how on earth I will get the finished painting to my client. Art has now become my work, and work for me does involve travelling. Had I not fallen in love, I would no doubt still be living in Paddington, just around the corner from my client’s business. Delivery of the portrait of his beloved, late mother would have been simple.

I can, however, meet a friend of his en-route to hand over the painting but that is risky, would my journey to meet his acquaintance be deemed as un-necessary? I could post the painting but how long would it take to reach its hopefully delighted new owner. And without delivering the picture my income stays at zero. For the first time the urgency to get a painting finished is governed by a whole new reason.

The world as we knew it has changed.

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