Some days Sally’s portrait looks good, other days I despair with how I’ve been unable to capture her likeness. I work, often late into the evening, with the TV on in the background to keep me company. I’ve worked so often over each layer that I can no longer see the canvas under the form. There are clumps of paint and stray hairs littering her fine features. There’s not much natural daylight in the room where I work and as the days get shorter at least the light I’m working with stays constant thanks to the ‘father & son’ light-stand that I use to flood my white ceiling with light.

But there’s something new that’s happened, I’ve met someone and not only is he taking me to Warsaw for a long weekend but we have clicked. Poor old ‘Sally’ gets neglected for my new beau, R. I never expected to fall in love again. I never expected to fall so soon and now I’m at Heathrow Terminal 5 waiting for our flight to Warsaw Chopin Airport. There is promise of snow on our last day and a posh meal out at a Michelin starred restaurant called  Fukeria.

I wonder if I will get inspiration for my next painting and more importantly I wonder if I will get Sally finished before Christmas. 

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