Commission Art

On average a piece of art takes about a month to complete. When it comes to commissioning a painting, the size of the painting does not necessarily impact the price; it is the complexity and detailing which is more of a deciding factor. Unframed paintings range in size from approx 30cm x 40cm to 61cm x 51cm and many combinations in between. When you choose Selina Jane the Artist for commission art, the end result can be completely tailored to the preferences and requirements of each individual.

For my commission art, I tend to work from good quality photos, particularly helpful with commission pet portraits. Photos can be sent to me either by email, social media, or post, whichever option is most suitable for you. In all cases, a phone call to discuss before commissioning a painting is most welcome. This initial communication will ensure that you know exactly what to expect from the commission oil paintings and are kept completely up to date and well informed so that nothing is left to chance. This also gives you the opportunity to provide any information or ask any questions.

Types Of Commission Art

I am able to commission dog portraits and human portraits, where I will aim to truly capture the essence of the subject and produce a final piece that you will be able to treasure forever. So if you are looking to commission a pet portrait or human portrait, you came to the right place.

Prices will be provided on the application of your commission oil painting. A 25% deposit will be required once a painting has been formally commissioned. Should the client not be satisfied with the finished artwork then the monies will be refunded and the artwork deemed to be the property of the commission artist.

If you require any additional information, please get in touch today. Call now to discuss your commission art +44 (0) 7510 858838.