Today I read that Italy is in lockdown because of the CoronaVirus. The images coming back look horrendous. It’s the unknown that is so scary. We already have a handful of cases in the UK and no matter what our politicians say there is no way that we can escape it. The Daily Mail is forecasting that our Broadband won’t cope if we all work from home. Oh Gawd! 

R is taking it seriously too, and already suggested last week that when I next go to the supermarket that I stock up on tins and essentials, whatever they may be. But the panic has started and the shock of seeing the aisles stripped of loo paper and sanitiser is more frightening than catching the virus itself.


My dear friend Sally has come down to see us and I ask her if it’s true I will die, as I’m type ll diabetic. She re-assures me that as I don’t have COPD that I will be fine. But we are all scared. I don’t want to be one of the 3.4 million with underlying health conditions that has to self isolate for 12 weeks. I’d surely go mad.

My diabetes diagnosis came as a shock 6 months after becoming sober. I’d not so much gained weight but become sedentary due to muscle wastage and fragility after spending two weeks in intensive care. Just over a year ago I had managed to lose weight, get fit and was on my way to remission. Apart from painting I decide a little self sufficiency is called for.

Note to self. Cut out all sugar, exercise daily and put this damn diabetes into touch,  NOW. 








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