After much deliberation, naval gazing and mobile communication it is mutually decided that I will go to London to drop off the painting to my client.

He doesn’t live too far from my flat in London and I can safely leave the painting outside his house, so no unnecessary contact there, then. Is the trip necessary, essential travel even?

On-line banking means he has paid me, in good faith, the moment I had shown him, via What’s App, his mother’s finished portrait – the least I can do is deliver what he has paid for.

Driving up the A3 the roads are very quiet. R and I breeze over Putney Bridge and up Fulham Palace Road. Shepherds Bush is deserted and the sun is shining to boot. We pass parks where people are out strolling, enjoying the early spring sunshine and observing the socially distanced rules, natch. I have butterflies in my tummy as I pass the wrapped painting to Shabeer, he had said he loved it when he saw the photo, so I hope he equally likes the real thing.

There were police out and about, sure, but we made it back without having our collar felt. Only time alone will tell if at some point in the future just posting about this will result in a backdated fine. Fingers crossed. NB. I do think it’s time to look at investing in a new quality camera that will take good quality photos of my art work, particularly as we have shifted to a more on-line life. If anyone can suggest a particular type or model then please DM me. Thank you.

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