Based in both London and Guildford, Selina Jane has a wealth of diverse talents, from a Portrait artist, Interior designer, Property developer, Aromatherapist, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, great aunt, Francophile, Traveller, Cook, Listener, friend.

Selina Jane the Artist showcases talent from Selina Jane herself, highlighting previous work, and artistic capabilities, along with the background surrounding the gifted commission artist.
Selina Jane Norfolk
Who Is Selina Jane?
Over Easter 2019 I attended a course at the Slade School of Art in Bloomsbury doing a life in painting course in oil. Later that year I attended an en ‘plein air’ painting course in the Gers at Maison de Guit. There I learnt a free-er way of painting in oils, you can see an example of this style with the painting titled ‘Hilda’ in my gallery.
For more information on Selina Jane the Artist, or for commission art or portraits for NHS heroes, do not hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0) 7510 858838.
I am a bespoke portrait artist who specialises in oil paintings on canvases. I aim to encompass the essence of each subject, rather than just focusing on the physicalities. I specialise in producing commission art of both people and canines, through interpreting high-quality photographs. I am also extremely proud to offer portraits for NHS heroes, the perfect way to commemorate the heroes on the front line, helping us each and every day. Portrait Artist